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How to Tell Foreign Women are Serious on First Dates

 A photo of a western man and Asian woman sitting by a tree Foreign women tend to be more interested in guys who do these things.

Many single men believe that foreign women are difficult to pursue, and that they can be secretive about their intentions.

This could be due to various reasons, including the obvious difference in culture and the inability of some guys to pick up on important cues from these ladies.

While you can read up on different tips and articles about dating foreign women, there is a sure and easy way for you to understand them better. Only in being able to understand these women will you have better chances at finding your perfect match.

Knowing how to start a conversation with a girl online is important if you choose to meet one on a foreign dating site or through a professional matchmaking service. If your goal is to find a suitable partner in life, just be sure that you yourself are ready for such a journey.

It’s usually during the dating stage that men become curious if foreign ladies are serious about their intentions. Not being familiar with each other’s cultural backgrounds can contribute to this, but then again, there is such a thing called human nature.

We all tend to make certain gestures and expressions when we feel happy, nervous, scared, excited, and so on. You can familiarize yourself with how a foreign woman behaves to know if she is indeed serious, even as early as the first date.

The catch is, however, whether you can determine which facial expression, choice of words, or physical touch could mean that she is genuinely interested in you.

As such, we have provided some surefire signs to know if foreign women are serious by taking note of how they behave during a first date.

1. They talk about their families and other important people in their life.

Family and friends are people whom we all love and want to keep safe, so to talk comfortably about them with a stranger like you can only mean she has full trust in you.

Have you noticed as well that she leads the conversation on this topic and asks you similar questions?

Regardless if it's superficial stories about her family and closest friends, a foreign lady who chooses to open up about them still means a lot.

First dates do not usually involve talking about more personal matters, so taking this route shows that she is more than just curious about you.

2. They look at you more.

Of course it's expected that we look directly at the person we're talking to, but when it comes to foreign girls on a date, this gesture could mean something more.

You will know that the lady in front of you is serious about making a connection if she follows your gaze and comfortably looks you in the eye.

If your first date happens to be with a group of other people or in a setting where there are more interesting sites to see, she will look at you first for any kind of reaction before checking out that of others’.

3. They include you in their plans.

No matter how simple her plans or goals may be, if she tends to include you in them, it would be safe to assume that she is in it for the long term. It could be an upcoming film she would want to see with you, a new restaurant in town she wants to try out on your next date, or a hobby that she finds interesting and thinks it would be more fun if you were to try it with her.

Of course, these plans require your full consent, otherwise it would be awkward for you both if you believe you don’t share the same interests. While it is sweet and thoughtful, remember to always give thought to what you say. Don’t lead her on if you don’t intend to show up to any of the plans she’s made.

Reserving a spot for you in her future only means that she enjoys your company enough to factor you into her schedule, priorities, and passions in life.

4. They will touch you.

Physical touch may be one of the last barriers women let down when they are with a man. Pretty understandable, as this is a way for them to protect themselves from possible harm.

If she touches you on the first date, it may be that she is completely comfortable with you and believes that you would not put her in any kind of danger.

You have to watch out very carefully as these gestures can be in the subtlest of forms. It may be a simple lean on your shoulder, a playful slap on your arm when she laughs, or even a sweet and lingering kiss on your cheek when you part for the night.

Women who are cautious of the person they’re with will never have this open body language. If she feels comfortable in your presence, it means you have succeeded in gaining her respect and interest.

5. They will tease and laugh with you.

Most women in foreign countries may be reserved, especially on a first date, but a lady who initiates joking around or teasing is obviously hinting that she is truly interested in you.

She could be playing with her hair while listening to you or making all the right responses to your jokes. This basically shows that she is invested in your conversations and can’t wait to listen to what you have to say.

You must understand that these actions are more than just being polite, they obviously imply that she is serious about building a connection with you. Doing something like this as early as the first date goes to show that you are a possible contender for someone she would want to be romantically involved with.

Knowing When Foreign Women Want to Take Things Beyond the First Date

If you’re interested in finding a foreign girlfriend, you might as well be aware of the aforementioned signs to know if you have a chance to take things beyond the first date. These can also serve as a guide for you to know what steps should be taken next.

Once a foreign lady believes there is a spark between you, even as early as the first date, expect that she will show her real intentions. Part of the international dating scene is knowing what signs to watch out for so you don’t end up wasting your time on the wrong person.

Don’t be afraid to express what you feel as well. Savor the moments you have with your girl and look forward to planning your next few dates. Things will only get better as long as you can tell if foreign women are serious about their intentions.