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Craigslist versus Foreign Love Mates

For years, technology has elevated to greater heights. Since its advancement, communicating with others has become easier and simpler. It has also become a new way of seeking new friends from abroad, especially for foreign love.

Online dating has improved as the internet has improved its algorithms and features. It has also paved the way for matchmaking services to start influencing lives around the globe. This is where interracial marriages emerged in the dating scene.

Two of the famous dating platforms lurking on the internet are Craigslist’s personals and Foreign Love Mates. Both share the same goals but still have major differences. Learn more about these two sites’ features. Learn which of these two is authentic enough to trust and use.

What Is Craigslist?

A US-based advertising website that started in 1995, Craigslist back then catered mostly to classified advertisements. It became a big hit to Americans as it was one of the pioneers when it comes to technological advancement of online marketing. Over the years, Craigslist added more categories to its roster, such as job listings, resumes, items for sale, and real estate.

In the early 2000s, Craigslist ventured into the online dating industry. Online dating was just beginning to grow. There were not a lot of personalization or account customization you can do. Craigslist Personals, also known as Craigslist dating, was introduced as a category that was somewhat similar to most classified advertisements.

In this category, users would create “advertisements” of themselves, hoping someone would notice and contact them. And it worked. It was able to bridge more than a thousand people who are several hundred miles away. While this was a breakthrough back then, it was not as polished as most online dating sites and marriage agencies that we have today.

While there are a lot of individuals who have trusted its dating section, still, negative feedback and reviews are seen flooding on the internet. Its user’s dating experiences were marked so low, in the majority. Users are able to create descriptions and upload photos of themselves, and that was it. This platform became risky for users when they had the option to communicate freely using outside messaging applications or media. Eventually, proliferation of prostitution was promoted in the site that made it more controversial. Numerous minors were signing up, so in 2002, a disclaimer was placed on some dating categories that when you sign up, you have to be 18 years old or older. However, some categories like the “men seeking men,” “casual encounters,” “erotic services,” and “rants and raves” were not provided the same disclaimer.

Random Personals

In Craigslist’s dating section, it is impossible to verify the people registered. Its personals are random, making its authenticity on questionable ground. About all people can sign up for an account, and trusting if they are legit is still suspicious.

No Verification

Verification is imperative when it comes to dating online. Remember that a certain user can download any image and use it for their fake accounts. Scams are rampant on Craigslist, so make sure to watch out for red flags. There is no authentication process for the said site, making your security at risk.

Meetups Are NOT Secured

Meeting is an important part of dating. But for Craigslist, this is somewhat risky. Due to the site’s lack of authentication and verification processes, it is not healthy to immediately meet a person, especially for a new one. Your safety might be compromised. And if for any case, you might fall on danger, you cannot sue Craigslist for such.

What Is Foreign Love Mates?

Foreign Love Mates is one of the leading dating sites for singles. It has been in operation for over two decades and has seen success in the dating industry. The company is organized to help single men find love with foreign women. The profiles of women on the site are deemed to be real and genuine. All profiles followed a process of verification.

Presence of a Company Name

The presence of a company name guarantees a safe and trustworthy service to its clients. This site has credentials and has its important details on its interface. The company is legit and has undergone accountability measures to make sure you are landing on an authoritative program.


Unlike other online dating sites, Foreign Love Mates is proud of its authentic and real women. Its services, together with sincere ladies registered on the sites, are famed because of giving clients the best real and credible matchmake. Catfishing is never heard of this site. The profiles are pre-screened, and you are assured to meet a woman you’ve been dreaming to have.

Meetups Are Secured

Since the site’s goal is to promote safety and security to its clients, its famous singles events are being featured. This 7-10 day tour will allow you to meet foreign women and get to know them better. This event will cater to foreign women coming from different parts of the globe. Through this, you are assured that you will meet a woman who could become your future bride.

Foreign Love Mates is proud to say that we’ve seen more successful marriages and engagements than any other matchmaking site out there. Aside from aiming to provide the best matchmaking services, we also prioritize the satisfaction of our clients. Right from the moment you sign up, we will be with you all throughout. We provide dating guides and tips, blogs, and articles about different cultures and places to visit in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Our expert matchmakers will stay by your side during your journey in finding your perfect match.

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