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Foreign Love Mates | How to Meet Foreign Women

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About thousands of individuals across the globe find ways on how to make foreign friends online. There are platforms to do so, but one of which is through international dating sites. If you are reading this, you are probably serious about finding a foreign friend, or we must say, a foreign affair.

Foreign Love Mates is a matchmaking site that aims to help men of western influence to meet foreign women with the purpose of dating and marriage. Backed by more than two decades of successful experience in the dating industry, you can be assured that once you sign up here, you will achieve a clear and absolute outcome—and that is genuine companionship.

Use Our Matchmaking Services

Our unique online singles website and matchmaking services offer you a big opportunity to meet foreign ladies for marriage. These women are real, marriage-minded, and are serious about becoming your wife for life. Our services cater to women coming from Asia, Latin America, and even European countries.

Registration Is FREE

It only takes about ONE minute! It’s simple, fast, and easy. It's your first step to meeting a beautiful foreign love who could be your future bride. Your registration is completely private and confidential.

There is NO credit card required. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION in any way! All registered members have free access to all photos in every ladies’ profile.

Set Your Preferences and Online Profile (Optional)

Again, this only takes a few minutes. Set up your member control panel and customize your preferences. Creating your online profile should not take you an hour or so. It’s simple and fast! After creating your account, your profile will be matched to verified profiles of beautiful foreign women.

Start Receiving Letters from Women (Optional)

Once you have provided your profile information and set your preferences, our matchmakers will start working for you to find potential matches for you among the women members profiled on our website—all at NO COST. Within the day, sometimes just hours, you should begin receiving intro letters from women who are interested in meeting you! YOU get to pick and choose who you want to communicate with.

Introduction letters from women are completely optional. Some men prefer to simply initiate communication with the ladies themselves. If you prefer not to receive these letters, you can simply turn this option off in your control panel and choose any of our communication options (below) to open dialog with the women of your choice.

Several Communication Options

There are several communication methods being offered here. These include:

  • Sending her a personal letter
  • With our personalized express mail service, our staff ensures that your letter is delivered most efficiently. Our staff will even translate your letter for FREE if needed. Our staff also works with the woman to facilitate her response to you.

  • Over-the-phone conversation
  • Once the lady agreed for phone calls, you can call her and talk to her. To avoid language concerns during the conversation, a professional phone translator will be available on your side. No worries though, every conversation will remain confidential and discreet for both parties.

  • Sending her a gift
  • Sending your foreign love a gift will level up your chances of committing her for a relationship. This is also a great way to ask for her hand in a more serious relationship. The availability of our branch offices and staff in Foreign Love Mates all over the world make sending her a gift easy, reliable, and cost-efficient. Choose from a wide variety of gifts that range from modest to elaborate and even get a picture of her receiving the gift!

  • Outside Communication Methods
  • Once your relationship has developed with the woman, you are free to use other more conventional methods of communication with her that are often free. You can use your email, text, services such as Skype and Viber, and so on. Since we are a US-based company and obligated to the US federal law for international marriage/dating agencies, we must operate under IMBRA (US International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2006); hence the woman must consent in writing before the release of any personal contact information by our company specifically to you.

You Choose Who to Communicate with and How to Do It

Once you have registered, you are completely in control to pick and choose how you want to proceed. We offer a couple of different options:

  • Pay as You Go
  • You can choose to only pay for services as you use them with no membership fee or further obligation. You can manage everything from your member control panel. You can pay individually for services or deposit funds into your account. All unused deposits are fully refundable upon request.

  • Platinum Membership
  • We highly recommend this option. For a modest monthly membership fee, you can additionally receive all of these discounts, bonuses, and benefits while using our services:

    • 25% Discount on sending and receiving letters (translation included)
    • 33% Discount on phone calls (which always include a translator)
    • View the women’s profile videos for FREE! (as available)
    • Substantial BONUS credit options when adding funds
    • 100% of your membership fee is credited toward future tour travel to meet the foreign women of Foreign Love Mates! (See below for more details.)
    • You will quickly and instantly realize the benefits and savings of your Platinum Membership!
    • Cancel ANYTIME without obligation! Even if you decide to cancel your Platinum Membership, you can still participate under the "Pay as You Go" method. Once you are registered you will always have free access to your account.

However you choose to proceed, you are always in control with no hidden fees or obligations! To activate your Platinum Membership, simply click on "Account" after you have completed your FREE online registration.

Meet Foreign Women in Person

Here in Foreign Love Mates, we offer exciting singles tours to Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We facilitate this kind of event to help you meet the woman of your choice.

  • Group Singles Tours to Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • Our exciting group tours will be the romantic adventure of your lifetime that you will never forget or regret! You can meet literally hundreds of beautiful, single, marriage-minded foreign women in just 7 to 10 days! We currently offer Foreign Love Mates Group Singles Tours to Asia, Europe, and Latin America, happening several times each year. Foreign Love Mates Singles Tour schedule is always updated for you to book ahead.

  • Individual Club Singles Tours to Asia, Europe, and Latin America
  • If your schedule won’t allow you to join one of our group tours or, perhaps, you just prefer to travel alone, you can join the Foreign Love Mates Club Tours. You will still be enjoying the perks of joining the group tour, such as being able to meet foreign women and date the woman of your choice and being fully assisted during your stay by our local staff, all at your choice of time and day!

What are you waiting for? Still undecided? Take that first and simple step now! Register for FREE!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - Tuesday, 29 November, 2022
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