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AVOID These Topics with Foreign Women on First Dates

Getting the attention of foreign women is hardly beginner’s luck. You not only have to think about making a good first impression, but you also need to consider what happens on your first date.

A closeup photo of a woman holding a bunch of flowers. The increasing popularity of international dating makes it even more challenging to earn someone's attention.

Your first task begins with asking a woman to go out with you. Setting up a date and picking a good location comes next.

Come the day of your first date, you can’t seem to get your eyes off her. She’s just everything you could imagine.

Just when you thought everything was ready, you realize one thing. You still have to know the right topics to talk about.

Showing up on your first date unprepared is a ticket to blowing away your chance. True enough, it’s important to bag a few good ice-breakers to avoid starting off in an awkward state.

However, knowing what topics to avoid on first dates is equally important because it helps you leave a good impression. It prevents you from offending your date or making yourself look silly during one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life.

Turn your dating experience into a pleasant one by learning the following dating topics to avoid:

Faith and Religion

This has got to be one of the many unspoken rules of first dates.

It’s a sensitive matter that not everyone wants to talk about, and your date most probably isn’t interested to know about your religious views and practices while she’s focusing on getting to know you and seeing if you’re both compatible enough to go on a second date.

Yes, you might as well put it in your head that women will definitely be thinking about whether or not going out with you a second time will be worth their while.

While being aware of each other’s religion is necessary once both of you are on the same page about being in a relationship, it’s not an ideal topic to bring up during your first date.

Even if she claims to be a religious person, that doesn’t mean she wants to spend the night talking about repentance and enlightenment. For most women, that won’t be the case.

Let’s say you met each other as members of the same religious affiliation.

Are you allowed to talk about it on your first date?

Well, yes. It establishes a good start for you. Nonetheless, there are always better topics to talk about other than this. Always keep that in mind.

Government Leaders and Politics

Our differences make this subject a critical one.

Just like faith and religion, we have our own political views and opinions that we aren’t entitled to impose on others. Doing so might escalate the conversation into a heated argument.

No one would dream of that on a first date, and it’s not the time for you to change the way someone thinks. There’s nothing wrong with sharing the values you live for, but lecturing others about it is.

Keep this in mind and your date will be alright.

Family Issues

Letting off some steam from your family issues to your date is a turnoff.

Sharing too much personal information about yourself is also a red flag that can make you look desperate. It gives the impression that you’re in a rush to get things going, and your date won’t like the least of it.

As much as you want to let her know about the real you, be aware of the lines you shouldn’t cross.

A woman holding beautiful and fresh flowers. When you finally get to meet in person, be sure to live in the moment and have fun.

Although talking about each other’s families on a first date is likely to happen, handle the subject sensibly by making quick and positive remarks about your family. If she doesn’t ask further questions, don’t elaborate.

Do the same for her.

Past Relationships and Ex-Lovers

The main purpose of dating someone is to get to know them better and find out if a relationship is possible. You don’t date someone new and talk about your ex-partners.

But at some point, women can be smart. They can bring up this subject out of curiosity or just the satisfaction of putting you to the test. Talking about it is tricky, but always remember these:

  • Talking about your ex-lover can imply that you still haven’t totally gotten over her.

  • Pouring drama and resentment over an ex-partner always leaves a bad impression.

  • Avoiding the subject makes your date think you’re hiding something.

At the end of the day, remind yourself why you’re no longer in a relationship with that person and you won’t find it hard to face the subject.

Your Health

According to an article published in June 2012 by Women’s Health Magazine, talking about your medical matters on a first date is gross.

It’s not one of those things you can use to make small talk with someone. If you show up to your date with an obvious injury, don’t bring it up yourself. Wait for your date to initiate a conversation about it. Explaining without being asked is a defensive act.

If you’re suffering from a life-altering disease, there’s always time for you to talk about it later. Just not on a first date.

Work and Profession

Unless you’re an underwater welder or a bounty hunter, don’t talk about what you do. It’s dull and boring. Your date didn’t show up to hear about your grumpy boss and hectic schedule. At the same time, don’t ask about hers.

If you’re really proud of what you do for a living, sharing a brief overview of what you do will suffice.

A woman twirling happily while holding a bunch of fresh flowers Running out of unique date ideas? Make up for it by knowing the right topics to talk about.

Your Negativity

It’s sweet to find love with someone you can agree with on a lot of things.

Complaining about the movie you both hate or recalling that weird cookie sandwich you both tried when you were young brings you to common ground that is essential for your budding relationship.

But if you sit in front of her and point out your neighbor’s faults, criticize your friend’s life decisions, or simply what your in-laws wore at a party, stop. It won’t help you make a good impression.

Things You SHOULD Talk About Instead

Now that your first date is happening, you’re clouded by a lot of emotions. It’s normal, and almost everyone goes through that.

Impress her by learning some of these ideal first date topics to talk about:

  • The places you’ve visited and are yet to visit soon.

  • Your dreams and plans you failed to make into a reality.

  • The things you’re passionate about.

  • Your daily routine.

  • Your life principles and upbringing.

  • Things and activities that entertain you.

  • Unforgettable moments with your family and friends.

  • Your life priorities and goals.

  • Your favorites.

  • Humor.

Making the First Date Count

In international dating, a first date is everything.

It will help you know if things will work out with you and a potential partner. It breaks down the walls of doubt and uncertainty of having met someone online.

You show your best self to your date, and she will definitely do the same. You show up with high hopes of meeting the one, so you wear the nicest smile you’ve got.

The only thing you should worry about on a first date is not having fun. No matter the outcome, learning and enjoying the experience matters most.

As long as you know how to navigate the conversation with foreign women, you’ll do just fine.

After all, you’ll never know how many first dates you’ll go on before meeting the one. While you’re still in the scene, enjoy every moment of it.