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Date Foreign Women: Making Valentine’s Day Meaningful Again

couple under flowers Does February 14 mean nothing to you? Try dating foreign women.

When was the last time you were excited over Valentine’s day? In the same way, it’s unlikely for adults to relive the feelings of wonderment and awe of Christmas morn that they had as children. Many people seem to become more and more indifferent to all hearts day.

Perhaps the best memories many of us have of Valentine’s were back when we were in middle school or high school. You could probably flashback to the time when you sheepishly handed out a card with the words “Will you be my Valentine?” to your crush. Or perhaps there was a time when you paid someone to mysteriously deliver flowers to her, complete with a note saying “from your secret admirer.”

Now that you’re all grown up, the day seems to have lost a bit of its luster. If life hasn’t been too kind to you in the romance department, you may be even more cynical towards the event. But at the back of your mind, you are always holding on to the hope that you can relive the magic of innocent and passionate love.

While it doesn’t help that we are inundated with countless commercials and every other store selling overpriced flowers and chocolates come the month of February, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create some of the magic for yourself. So while you have a bit of time left till the 14th, try going the less conventional route: foreign women. And in case you have your doubts, here is why dating a foreign woman can help make Valentine’s day meaningful again:

1. Foreign women have a different way of loving.

While love is a universal language, the way we foster and express that love differs from country to country. Maybe the reason why you aren’t getting the kind of love you desire is that you’re simply dating the wrong people.

A common reason men date outside of their nationality is that they find foreign women easier to please and the relationships easier to maintain. If, for example, western men find that western women have too high expectations or do not adhere to traditional family values, then it makes sense to look outside your tribe for someone that matches your desires.

With online dating unifying all of the world’s dating pools, you can easily acquaint yourself with a beautiful woman from Thailand, Costa Rica, or Ukraine. It’s so simple, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t done so sooner.

So let’s say you meet a beautiful foreign woman online, and are able to make it so that you can date each other in person for Valentine’s. How much fun can you expect to have?

2. You’ll have fun comparing cultures.

While the language barrier can be a nuisance, you will never run out of things to talk about, especially if it’s your first date together. Every conversation can start with “How do you do this/ say this in your home country?”

One thing you will find interesting is how easy it may be to put a smile on her face. For example, you give her a beautiful bouquet of roses, and she absolutely loves it. Finding common ground is normally a fun and interesting way to get to know a person.

And by the off-chance that, to her great dismay, you get her yellow carnations, you can always laugh it off as a cross-cultural mishap.

A bit of advice: Valentine’s day is a global affair, so unless your date has been living under a rock, she’ll be familiar with the hearts, the flowers, and the chocolates. But if you want to get creative, do a background check on what’s popular in her country. Doing your due diligence is enough fun in itself.

man giving woman flowers Relive the feeling of intense anticipation for Valentine’s day.

3. You’ll feel like your younger self.

You may be a lifetime hotshot and historically smooth with the ladies. But the moment you meet someone from another country, you’re suddenly reduced to Tarzan-like speech levels.

When you’re dating a foreign woman, you sometimes have to go back to square one. Your smooth pick-up lines might get lost in translation. Your taste in cuisine doesn’t exactly hit home for her. While you could normally read women like a book, you are now utterly confused by her every gesture.

So now you’re back in high school trying to be cool in front of your crush and praying that you don’t stutter. It doesn’t help that she’s a stunner, more beautiful than any girl from your side of town.

Things become interesting when they are challenging and mysterious. So while other men are nonchalant about February 14, you are on your toes. You know you’re doing something outside of your comfort zone but are on the path to greatness nonetheless.

Finding love is to love yourself.

Valentine’s is the perfect occasion and reason to put aside all your insecurities and ask a woman out. Why? Because no one wants to be single on Valentine’s. It’s the perfect time to get a rose, find the prettiest woman in the room, walk up to her, and give it to her. But in your case, you can just drop a message to the prettiest profile online.

People tend to feel sorry for themselves for being single. And they don’t want to be reminded every single step on their way to the supermarket that they are, something February is notorious for doing.

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, why don’t you give yourself a Valentine’s gift, get brave, and ask a beautiful girl out? Or even better yet, get on a singles tour to the country of your choice to meet foreign women who are interested in meeting you?

It’s the modern world, and you don’t have to have limits with who you want to date. People travel all around the world for better opportunities. You can do that with your love life as well. So don’t make this a Valentine’s day like any other - quick, tasteless, and a statistic. Go for the real thing.