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NEVER DO THIS on First Dates with Foreign Women

A photo of a couple on a date, each with a glass of wine Foreign women never appreciate these things on the first date.

Most foreign women believe that first dates are more than just making a good impression and putting your best foot forward.

This is also a way for them to check the levels of compatibility, and see if a future relationship is possible based on what your time together brings.

In a sense, you are putting yourself forward as the perfect match. After all, it’s only in getting to know each other and going out on dates that you can truly know if a special connection is worth building.

However, even at this early stage, not many men are keen on what to do on such an occasion, much less what not to do to avoid leaving a bad impression. But with this list, we explain how you can survive the usual pitfalls that most single men find themselves in when they start dating foreign women.

These missteps can ruin your chances of landing a second date, and ultimately, the possibility of building a romantic relationship.

  1. Showing up late.

    This is downright disrespectful to anyone, and it’s one of the worst things you can do on a first date.

    If you know for a fact that you will be running a little late, contact your date in advance. Explain to her the reason for your delay. To avoid such a situation in the first place, try to leave as early as an hour before your scheduled meeting. If your agreed destination is a little farther than usual, try to leave even earlier.

    No matter what you hear about foreign women and their cultural relationship with time, you should still make it a point to be the one to arrive first.

    Being late only sends her the message that you have no interest or appreciation for this supposed special event.

  2. Arriving unprepared.

    While we insist that love is not judged by what one can see, there is still merit with trying to look your best. Being presentable only means you’ve taken the time to make sure you impress the lady you’ll be seeing.

    The goal is to impress her early on — and this can be done by showing up in your most appealing and dapper look.

    First, be aware of the type of clothes that compliment you well. Make sure they fit you perfectly and that they won’t take away the attention from you during your date.

    Most importantly, never skip a hygiene check. Being smartly dressed won’t come to matter if you don’t know how to groom yourself.

    Do a once-over in front of your mirror before you head out, and again when you arrive at your destination. Wear the right amount of cologne and make sure you’ve flossed your teeth. Check your shirt buttons, shoelaces, hair, and perhaps for some hidden cobwebs inside your nose.

    All of these are basic things to ensure that you look neat and presentable. If you cannot give proper time for these things, a foreign lady will surely ask herself why you even bothered asking her out.

    Remember, first impressions are usually made the moment your eyes meet. If you arrive unprepared, don’t expect her to have a good first impression of you.

  3. Always checking your phone.

    When you go out and meet foreign women, be it online or in person, there are no rules about how many of them you can interact with. But once you officially ask out a lovely woman whom you’re genuinely interested in, do your best to focus your attention on her.

    If you’re serious about wanting a good outcome, avoid any and all possibilities of getting her to think that you might be entertaining other women even while you’re already in each other’s company.

    Whether it’s through online chat or checking out other women’s profiles on social media, put your phone away and remind yourself why you’re with this lovely woman in the first place.

    She may not make a fuss about you pulling out your phone every now and then, but she will surely feel hurt and insulted by your lack of interest, and most of all, insensitivity.

    If it’s for emergency purposes, give her a heads-up and she will easily understand, if not, even offer to help you.

    If it’s anything else — work issues, gossip, or notifications from the dating sites you’ve signed up with — just don’t do it.

  4. Trying to make her jealous.

    Whatever dating scene you were used to, not everything you’ve learned from such experiences will have the same result once you enter the world of international dating.

    Believe it or not, there are some men who believe that it’s very effective to bait the woman they’re interested in by showing interest in other women. Whoever came up with such an idea might as well be the world’s best guru on how to ruin relationships fast.

    You could be sharing stories about your past relationships or how you were so popular with the ladies back in your hometown, and you’re doing all this just to see if she might be a tiny bit jealous to reassure yourself that she is indeed attracted to you.

    Remember, jealousy isn’t always a good thing. Even if you’ve proven that she isn’t comfortable with you talking about other women, this gesture could also come off as you simply wanting to make her feel bad.

    This will land you nowhere near any kind of possible romance. You want to build a connection with her, not make her feel like this is the worst date she’s ever had.

Foreign Women and How to Date Them

First dates go hand in hand with nervousness and fear, especially for guys who will be meeting foreign girls for the first time. At least when you know what behaviors and traits to avoid, you’ll be one step closer to making that first good and lasting impression.

Show up with the right mindset, honest intentions, and heartfelt passion. You can trust that if you’re able to make your first date with foreign women a success, you will have a lot more successful ones to look forward to in the future. You might as well get the hang of things the first time around, right?