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Understanding Overseas Dating Slang Before Traveling

A photo of a woman with her sunglasses tipped down while looking intently at her phone Have a better understanding of overseas dating before you experience it for yourself.

Overseas dating is a popular trend today, and for good reasons.

First, it is for all — no matter your gender, age, or socioeconomic status in life. There is no fine line for international dating to be exclusive to rich, young men.

Second, it is the answer for many men and women who want to extend the scope of their potential dates outside of what they currently enjoy.

Lastly, it is a fun and easy environment to navigate in. Through various dating sites for singles, you can connect with any woman anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

With these facts alone, it is not surprising why more and more people venture into the world of overseas dating.

However, before you start packing and planning for a trip straight into the homeland of your romantic interest, there are important things you have to learn.

These include basic dating tips, such as knowing the perfect place to take her to, the dos and don’ts of the culture you are about to be immersed in, and the local dating slang.

For this guide, we are teaching you the latest dating lingo you have to master before setting a course abroad.

Some might seem familiar, and some will be too “millennial.” But that’s the beauty of overseas and online dating — it bridges the gap to bring people closer.

If you are ready to show off what you’ve got, then continue scrolling down below.

Dating slang 1: Flex

What it means: Flex, when used as a verb, means to show off to others. When used as a noun, it refers to the specific thing you are trying to flaunt.

As the word suggests, flex is akin to someone contracting their muscles and posing to be seen.

If you have them, why not flaunt them, right? But for international dating, you can call it flexing.

How it is used: “With the number of cars you own, I know you are just trying to flex to women.”

“You have been to more than ten Asian countries? Now that’s a big flex I like in guys.”

Dating slang 2: Swipe left

What it means: Swipe left means rejecting a potential match made on your dating site or app.

This feature is widely used in many, if not all, dating apps today. When you go check the profiles of women you might possibly like, you are given two options in order to move to the next stage.

By swiping your phone screen to the right, you are liking her profile. On the other hand, swiping left essentially means you are cutting off any possible connection with her.

Fair warning: Be careful when skimming through the app you’re using. Some of these apps do not offer a search button to locate an account once lost.

How it is used: “There are too many profiles here, but only a few are real. If you think they are bogus or too good to be true, then don’t be afraid to swipe left instantly.”

Dating slang 3: Thirst trap

What it means: Thirst trap is when someone uploads a provocative picture of themselves in order to get the attention of a specific person or basically, everyone else.

While this was a concept previously linked to celebrities with a huge online following, the term has now been in usage even on today’s dating portals.

Forget about “asking for nudes” privately in this modern time. Thirst trapping is now the public’s go-to.

How it is used: “She posted a nearly nude photo of herself just to get a reaction from the guy she was dating. An obvious thirst trap if you ask me.”

Dating slang 4: Slow fade

What it means: Slow fade happens when someone whom you have been in active communication with slowly drops off the radar.

This slang is considered a close relative of “ghosting,” or the experience wherein a person suddenly stops interacting with you without an explanation.

With a slow fade, she can be quietly giving out hints that she plans to fade out of the conversation or relationship soon enough. But in the same way, there’s no reason or rhyme to her actions.

How it is used: “She started texting me less and less. Even the calls became infrequent. Where’s her previous eagerness? Is she giving me the slow fade?”

Dating slang 5: Cuffing season

What it means: Cuffing season happens when single men and women commit to a short-term relationship to avoid the cold and loneliness felt during certain months of the year.

Cuffing season goes hand in hand with the freezing winter months. In order for people to combat the pressure usually felt by single individuals during the holidays, plus with the stress of the harsh weather, many will resort to partnering with someone in the meantime.

It is said that the desperate will even settle for anyone, even if that person is way below their personal standards. The goal, simply, is to cozy up with someone until it’s spring once again and the dating chances are higher.

How it is used: “I can’t believe it's cuffing season and I still don’t have anyone to pass the time with.”

Dating slang 6: Fire

What it means: Fire is another word you can use to describe something that is totally awesome or stunning.

Just like the element fire, this term is applicable when you find anything overwhelming in a good way, or something hot and incredible.

Fire can be a person, object, place, or even a statement. It can also be used as a compliment — using the fire emoji — towards someone you like, especially if you still feel uncomfortable with giving out full sentences instead.

How it is used: “Your last Instagram post was fire! That outfit you wore was just awesome!”

Overseas Dating Dictionary

There is a certain appeal to dating overseas, aside from the fact that you get to witness more of the countries and cultures around the world.

But in order to be better prepared for whatever your relationship with that special foreign woman would lead to, you must at least be knowledgeable of some of the slang in her country.

Practice using some words from this list in proper context and don’t be afraid to start the conversation.

Learn what to flex and what not to so you won’t find yourself being swiped left.