Foreign Love Mates Video

‘I Really Like It!’ Filipinas Talk INTIMACY with Foreign Men

Despite the growing presence of WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) couples in the Philippines, Filipinas remain a subject of scrutiny for their ‘blatant’ rejection of Filipino men and their motivations for dating beyond borders.

To offer insight into why Filipinas seek their perfect match abroad, meet four Davao women who discuss certain traits foreign bachelors possess that local men might lack. Nezel, Diane, Jessa Mae, and Charilyn begin the discussion by explaining why they employed the services of an Asian dating agency. The Filipina quartet then proceeds to elaborate on the significance of looks and financial capability in considering potential life partners, aspects commonly associated with the stereotypes assigned to Filipina women. The four Pinays also react to age gaps and the importance of intimacy in relationships.

The four women from Davao share their unique experiences, and just like that, they reveal the complex reasoning behind Filipinas pursuing foreign men. Like the growing legion of men exploring international dating, more Filipina girls now aspire to meet foreign partners due to unpleasant domestic dating experiences. Belonging to this legion are American single men who now identify with the manosphere–an online community of bachelors dedicated to advocating for men’s issues including masculinity and gender dynamics–who call themselves MGTOWs, red pills, and passport bros among others.

Much like the men who pursue the passport bro lifestyle, single Filipinas who seek better bachelors than their own do so prompted by the uninspiring local dating scene in Davao. Even with Davao dating remaining largely a local pursuit, it’s slowly becoming a foreign affair with more visiting men dating Filipinas. Because of this, international matchmaking agencies continue their mission of helping the men and women who use their services guaranty a match.

For instance, Asian matchmakers arrange dating tours to Cebu and Davao in the Philippines several times a year that accommodate a tribe of men from around the world hoping to meet a Filipina pea to bring back to their pod. The tours allow the men to meet 100+ Filipinas via speed dating and go on first dates with the bachelorette they wish to get to know better.

Filipinas like Nezel, Diane, Jessa Mae, and Charilyn know the value Filipino matchmakers can add to their global search for real love. Unbothered by the stereotypes that most Asian women dating beyond borders get attached to, they press on with their heads held up high. After all, more than face value and a chance at a “better life”, Filipinas dream of lifelong connections with a better bachelor. What’s a “better life” anyway without the perfect better half?