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Where FILIPINAS Make the FIRST MOVE | Speed Dating in CEBU

Known for its vibrant city life, breathtaking natural landscapes, and equally dazzling Filipinas, Cebu is a perfect love island that foreign men seeking to live the life of a bachelor in paradise are starting to explore. The tribe of men familiar with dating Pinays in Cebu almost never go back to regular domestic relationships, often because they’re relocated themselves to the Philippines with their Filipina bride.

As each foreign bachelor walks into a room filled with beautiful Filipinas, the excitement in the air becomes palpable. In a matter of five hours, events that catapulted WMAF love stories have ensued. After a satiating dinner of the best Filipino food, the single men engage in speed dating where they’ll meet each of the 100+ Cebuana Filipinas ready to become the Filipina pea to their pod. What was once a dream of creating connections becomes a reality for the foreign men dating beyond borders.

Some credit should be given to Asian dating agencies for helping a legion of men and Filipina women guaranty a match in the Philippines. Filipino matchmakers put in hard work to help create successful WMAF relationships that often lead to marriage. Asian matchmakers organize speed dating events and set up first dates that allow the would-be passport bros to ace live conversations while aiming to become a better bachelor in the subsequent dates.

The growing number of foreigners dating Filipinas is a testament to the exotic beauty and values Filipina women possess. Their family orientation for instance makes them the perfect tradwife (traditional wife) for those seeking one. Such growth also proves that the local dating scene for either parties seem to lack pushing them to look for the perfect match elsewhere. In turn, this has spurred the birth of alternative dating ideologies like the MGTOW, the Red Pill, and the passport bros who solo travel to foreign countries like the Philippines in hopes to wed a Filipina bride.

Whether you’re a passport bro, a MGTOW, or simply looking for your Filipina wife, embark on a solo travel with a tribe of men to the love island of Cebu with a bevy of gorgeous Filipinas ready to be your Filipina pea.