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“I Found My Latina Fiance Through Speed Dating”

International dating is not a one-way journey made available for Western men only. On the other side of this extraordinary experience are Colombian women also with the dream of romantic connections with foreign men.

Ana Maria, one of thousands of Latinas on our site, had been patiently waiting to guaranty her match. She has been a part of the matchmaking agency for more than two years and never lost hope that she could someday ace live dating in the singles tours and find the right man for her.

Sure enough, Sam and Ana Maria met in October and have since built a beautiful international relationship. The couple strive to make consistent efforts to get rid of any barrier. Sam consistently flies all the way to Colombia to see Ana Maria as often as possible. Despite Sam being a fluent Spanish speaker, Ana Maria came out of her way to attend English classes to build a better comprehension in both languages Sam is fluent in.

Through these efforts, Sam and Ana Maria have finally committed themselves to get married and will soon apply for the fiance visa which will allow them to stay together in the US before they are to be wed.

This beautiful intercultural relationship would have never happened if Sam was hesitant and did not take immediate action. He made a move and now is soon to be married to a beautiful traditional Latina like Ana Maria.

When are you going to make your move?