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The 4 Best Flowers to Give Foreign Women for Valentine’s Day

man and woman holding two crafted hearts that forms the word “love” Giving flowers on Valentine’s day is a must for international dating couples.

Before the dawn of hand-made letters, texting, and the Internet, admirers and suitors would give flowers to express their admiration and feelings to the person they love. The tradition has been practiced for centuries and continues to live on. Today, millions of local and foreign women receive flowers from their loved ones during Valentine’s Day.

Flowers remain significant for a lot of ways and reasons, both to nature and humans. The fleeting allure and charm of flowers is a reflection of our existence: either blooming early or late. People send blossoms to their loved ones on special occasions like Valentine’s because it bolsters the feelings of romance.

Flowers and what they mean can be associated with various myths and legends. Each type and color has its own meaning. For instance, if you pick a red flower, it means that you are passionately in love. White resembles purity. Pink, on the other hand, means admiration, and yellow is for friendship. However, their attributes and meanings vary from culture to culture, hence why choosing the one that is right for your partner is crucial, especially if you’re dating online.

Women, in particular, look forward to receiving blossoms from their partners. However, for most men, picking the best flower combination, color, and arrangement can be a challenging task. If you don’t know what flowers to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s here is a quick guide:


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means there will be a host of wives, girlfriends, mothers, and loved ones promenading with bouquets of roses. But don’t regard the rose as an overrated Valentine’s flower because it never goes out of style. You can use roses to decorate a room or use the petals to cover the bathtub, the floor, or the bed.

  • Let the roses speak for you.

Aside from their attractive colors, roses can also do the talking for you. This is suitable for international dating couples who can’t give and receive flowers personally. The number of roses has its corresponding message, so choose which one you want to convey:

  1. One or Single rose - It means love at first sight, regardless of the color. It also signifies that you’re giving her your utmost devotion.

  2. 2 roses - It means you are passionately in love with her.

  3. 3 roses - It means “I love you.

  4. 6 roses - It means you want her to be yours. Give her six roses to hint that you want to take your relationship to the next level.

  5. 7 roses - It means you’re besotted with her.

  6. 9 roses- It expresses your eternal love for her. It also means that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

  7. 10 roses - It means she’s perfect. The number 10 is the highest point on a scorecard, symbolizing perfection.

  8. 12 roses - It means that you want her to be your constant all throughout your life.

  9. 15 roses - It means “I’m sorry.” Give fifteen roses if you’ve done something terrible and you want to make it up for her.

  10. 21 roses. It means you are committed to her and to the relationship.

  11. 24 roses. It means that you’re thinking about her the entire day, 24 representing the 24 hours in a day.

Conveying your emotions and message by giving a specific number of roses never goes out of style. If you want to go beyond 24 roses, you can refer to these:

  1. 77 roses - It means you completely give your unyielding faith to her.

  2. 99 roses - It means that you will love her until your last breath.

  3. 356 roses - It means that your love grows stronger each day.

man holding tulips on his back in front of a woman covering her eyes with her hands. Choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day can make or break your relationship.

Now that you’re in the know, you can confidently send a specific number of flowers to your girlfriend and see how she reacts. You can tell her to search for the meaning behind the number of roses or you let her find out. Either way, giving roses is a centuries-old sweet expression of love and affection but what matters most is the thought of sending her flowers for Valentine’s Day.

  • Let the colors speak your mind.

Roses have a variety of colors bearing different meanings. Sometimes, people disregard the color and consider the thought. However, if you want your gift and the occasion to be more meaningful, here is a list of colored roses and their meanings:

  1. Red - Symbolizes timeless beauty, true love, and perfection. A red rose means ”I love you,” so give it to someone who you hold dear to your heart.

  2. Blue - Give this to your woman to let her know that you find her interesting, mysterious, and unique.

  3. Pink - Soft or light pink means caring while dark pink means appreciation.

  4. Coral - It means you’re giving her your attention. It can also mean desire.

  5. Cream - It means you’re thinking about her all the time.

  6. White - It means you want to marry her someday.

If you want to get a little creative, you can mix and match the colors according to your emotions and the message you want to convey to your significant other. Also, these are some colors you may want to avoid giving her:

  1. Black - It means mourning and death.

  2. Yellow - It means friendship.


In terms of popularity, carnations are only right behind roses. However, this blossom can survive and be displayed at home longer. You can also choose a variety of colors but most of the time, they mean the same thing.


If you want to please your foreign woman with a nice blossom, pick lilies. Aside from being fragrant, they are esthetically pleasing. You can choose lilies with close buds (because blooming lilies are magnificent to witness) for a surprise!


Tulips are ideal gifts for Valentine’s Day because they are strongly associated with romance in a relationship. Some say that women cannot hide the smiles on their faces whenever they receive tulips, no matter the occasion. So if that is the effect you are going for, get her a multicolored bouquet of tulips.

faceless man holding a rose in front of a woman sitting on a chair in the distance. Surprise the foreign woman you’re dating with the most beautiful flowers.

These are some of the popular and common flower choices for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Never mind that you can’t personally hand her a bouquet of flowers, buying them online and having them delivered to her doorstep is already a worthy feat!