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5 Food Choices Foreign Women Want Their Man to Make

 An angry girl holding a fork and knife Knowing what food choices to make is essential when taking foreign women out on dates.

Don’t be mistaken, the very success of your date night hinges on your ability to make critical food choices. “It’s just food,” you might think. “What could go wrong?”

Foreign women may expect this rookie-level thinking from the locals, but not you. You’re Mr. Prince Charming, the knight in shining armour, he who was promised to sweep them off their feet with your superior culinary taste.

A classically perfect date requires a dining experience so conducive to romance that it’s neither underwhelming nor overpowering. Like a trusty wingman, good food is always there when you need it, as if to say, “You alright buddy? You seem a bit nervous. Here, have a sip of this wine.”

While many men prefer to let the lady choose where and what to eat, foreign women expect men to make tough decisions.

Unfortunately, countless smart and accomplished men, highly regarded in their fields of expertise, are simply clueless in the art of being able to wine and dine with their date.

Scientists, engineers, venture capitalists - all making food choices so novice it baffles the mind.

Now there isn’t a one-size-fits-all template for food-choosing that we can all copy-paste and reference before a date. In finding a foreign girlfriend, we seek to impress, as well as be open-minded and adventurous, all to the detriment of the dating experience.

So here is some free dating advice. When it comes to dating foreign women, it’s best to be safe.

  1. Don’t be too adventurous.
  2. It’s understandable that you want to impress your foreign date with your fearless taste for adventure and willingness to try out new cultures, but there is being bold, and there is just trying too hard.

    This is why we don’t recommend you ordering the fermented alligator kidneys. For two.

    Instead, order something on the safe side, like a salad or a steak. Medium rare, of course. This way, you can have a totally satiating meal whilst focusing your energy on the lovely lady opposite you.

    The conversation you’ll be having is the highlight of the evening. Food should be delicious and satisfying yet undistracting, never the single focal point of the affair.

    You should eat in small portions, because if you have a mouthful of rice and she says something funny, it’s not going to be pretty.

  3. Avoid the super spicy.
  4. Another classic example of trying too hard to impress. If you aren’t aware of the effects of eating food way beyond your spice tolerance, simply look up videos of people eating ghost peppers.

    Crying during your first date is weird. Crying because your head is flaming up like you just drank gasoline in front of an open flame is downright embarrassing. Now, in rare instances your date might have a mild chuckle and find it cute, but don’t count on it.

    The unfortunate effect of eating overly spicy food is its dreadful impact on your gut. Food-induced diarrhea is a known effect of spicy food. Breaking your leg is preferable to uncontrollable gastro-intestinal cramping and intense diarrhea, all while your disenchanted date looks on.

    If you have guts of steel and spicy jalapeños are a Tuesday afternoon snack for you, be considerate enough to make sure your date is okay with eating spicy food. Those rosy cheeks might not be sweet blushes of allure, but capsaicin-induced hot flashes.

  5. Not too lavish.
  6. Ladies appreciate class, but if your idea of a first date is at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant, a rented limousine, or a tuxedo, you might want to dial it back down.

    Flashing your wealth attracts mostly superficial women. If you have serious relationship goals, take her to a restaurant that’s decent, has a good reputation, and won’t break the bank.

    Unless your date belongs to the royal family, taking her to a restaurant of obscene opulence will make her very uncomfortable.

    Restaurants requiring premium standards of etiquette can unsettle even the most refined of us. The vast majority of people don’t know what the eighth fork is used for or how to pronounce those fancy French haute cuisine names.

    Don’t give her the impression that you’re trying to buy her affection. As far as restaurants go, avoid the overly luxurious establishments.

  7. Don’t be a cheapskate.
  8. This isn’t to discourage thrift dating or eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, but explaining to your future kids that the romance between you and their mother began at a windowside table in McDonald’s is going to be a bit difficult.

    Cheap only works if you’re in college. Any self-respecting adult male should display a minimum standard of class.

    Make sure you have minimum standards for the place you’re going to. Food has to be delicious, ambience has to be decent. The reason you two are having dinner is so that you can spend time and get to know each other better and connect. You need to keep her relaxed and focused on you.

    Yes, a large Big Mac with fries and a diet coke IS delicious, but a date is all about giving a great impression. Foreign ladies want guys who can take care of them. In this case, it’s uncertain if an evening at the food court is the right choice.

    The place needs to be clean and relatively quiet. Jazz music. No cockroaches or rats, either. You can visit the zoo another time.

  9. Watch out for allergies.
  10. After dinner, you’re supposed to go to a bar, club, or coffee shop, not the ICU.

    Many people inadvertently eat food they are allergic to. Either they are unaware of their own allergies or are simply careless with their food choices, particularly seafood.

    The best way to avoid unsavory inflammations is to check with the waiter and your date for potential troublemakers. If you are allergic to nuts, request the waiter to have them left off your salad.

    Unfortunately, many innocent men, blinded by the beauty before them, order mindlessly from the menu and are confronted with a life-threatening predicament.

    In this case, always bring with you anti-allergy medications and say a fervent pre-date prayer.

Conclusively, romantic relationships with foreign women are best begun with a well thought-out dinner date. A man’s prowess for orchestrating fine evening dinners raises his chances for approval. So the next time you book a date with a lovely foreign lady, make sure it’s at the right restaurant for the right occasion.