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How to Stand Out to Foreign Women

Man holding a bouquet of flowers. Stand out from the crowd as you find love among foreign women.

There are a lot of men around the world who are under the impression that they can easily date foreign women. There are a lot of good reasons for that as such women hold a special sort of appeal, being outside of the norm of what these men are used to. But while there are a lot of reasons for such a pairing, there are also a lot of obstacles that can stand in the way of such a pairing.

One of the most common obstacles is distance. There is generally a bit of a geographical gap between a man and the foreign countries in which the women he wants to be with reside. Of course, the importance of social media cannot be understated in terms of how it can help to overcome that gap.

The reason that its importance cannot and should not be downplayed is that social media is fantastic at being able to overcome distance since it is reliant on the internet. Being reliant on the internet means having the flexibility that a lot of other methods of communication do not.

Writing letters, for example, can take weeks between correspondences, whereas sending a direct message is pretty quick. A message that is sent one second can get a reply in the next, almost as if the person were right there with you. It's just that you'll be using text-based communication as opposed to speaking in person.

Plus, there is the ubiquity of such media to consider. Many people have and regularly use smartphones, and those smartphones will more than likely have a fair number of social media apps installed in them.

So yes, social media sites are pretty great at connecting people and bringing them together. But what about the part that comes after the connection? What if a guy goes to a country to meet beautiful women, but he’s not the only one trying to find love?

Well, a man is going to have to be memorable, and in order be memorable, he’s going to have to stand out to women. Because if he doesn’t stand out, he’s going to blend into the background and the woman who could have been the one for him may not even notice him at all, and worse, notice someone else.

While some men are born with an innate charisma that makes standing out pretty easy for them, others are not well-equipped to stand out from the crowd. But there is hope for the latter group.

The ability to stand out can be developed with a few simple tricks:

1. Straighten Up

One of the easiest ways to stand out when meeting foreign women is to literally stand out, and that can be accomplished by being a little taller than all the other guys. Studies have observed that women show a strong preference for taller men.

Of course, not every man gets to be over six feet tall. Most men are going to be noticeably shorter than that. But a lack of height is not a total obstruction to standing out.

Simply standing up straight can be a pretty great way to give off the illusion of being tall without being tall, and it can be pretty beneficial to a lot of men.

2. Smelling Good

Being memorable is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people. Some are great at making good first impressions, but those impressions can also be somewhat forgettable. Pleasant, but not memorable.

But there is a good way to be memorable even if the first impression is kind of bland and forgettable, and that is to smell good. See, the thing about smell is that it is closely linked to memory.

So even if a man does not make a great first impression, he can still be retroactively memorable in a good way by spritzing on some cologne before meeting women. It might be enough for a man to get a second look, and that second look could be the difference between a happy life and going home heartbroken.

3. Speaking The Local Language

The thing about a foreign country is that it is most likely going to have a different language, and being bilingual is not something that a lot of people are.

So if a man can learn a few phrases in the local language, it may just be the tipping point that keeps him from becoming a background character in someone else’s story. A man does not have to become fully fluent, but learning some phrases can go a long way towards displaying the kind of commitment that could make international marriages happen.

4. Dress Well

The thing about clothes is that they are kind of a requirement when out in public. No shirt, no shoes, no service is a pretty common refrain for a lot of business establishments. But it can also be applied to dating, because showing up to a date naked, while memorable, is not advised, and is also potentially illegal.

But a lot of guys just throw on whatever happens to be clean and then call it a day. They don’t put a lot of planning into it. Putting in a minimal amount of effort when it comes to an outfit can be pretty beneficial. It’s not about putting on the best clothes, it’s about mixing clothes in the best ways.

5. Tell A Joke

Humor is a very desirable trait in a partner. Numerous people want to be with a partner who can make them laugh, so being funny is a plus in a lot of women’s books. So let loose and crack wise.

Of course, humor is cultural, so the zingers that land great with your buddies may not be all that well-received in a different country. Still, the women don’t have to hear it. You can crack a joke, get some of the other guys laughing, and that will be enough to draw some attention towards you.

Dating foreign women is not easy. Getting their attention is not easy. But there are a few ways to make it a little bit easier, so be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind.