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New Year’s Resolutions To Make With A Foreign Woman

A clock and some champagne. Make the new year a better one for your romantic relationship.

Well, would you look at the time? In fact, take out your phone and check the date. Or the day/date function on your watch if it has it. Or go glance at the nearest calendar. Do what you need to do, just make sure you know what the date is. You’ll probably notice that it’s December and that a New Year is already creeping in on you.

You’re probably ready for it, though. You’ve got a foreign woman on your arm, so you’ve got someone to kiss when the clock strikes twelve. You’re either going to a friend’s house or you’ve got a few cases of champagne lying around ready for guests. In either case, you’ve got plans. You’ve also got those sunglasses that spell out the coming year. You’re good to go.

Except for that one little thing you’ve forgotten about. That would be your New Year’s Resolutions, the list of things you want to achieve or change about yourself starting on the 1st of January when the metaphorical slate is wiped clean and you’ve got a fresh start.

Travel more

A common resolution that a lot of people make before the New Year comes around is to travel more. Now, that’s a resolution that should fit pretty well for you given the circumstances of your romantic relationship.

Your partner is foreign to you and you’re foreign to her. One of you is going to have to leave their home country at some point so that the two of you can be together. One of you is going to feel like you’re in unfamiliar territory and that person would be right to feel that way because they really are going to be in unfamiliar territory.

But traveling somewhere that neither of you are from will even the playing field. Instead of one person feeling slightly out of place and like an outsider, the both of you will like outsiders. So you’re going to want to break out the travel guide if you want to keep this resolution with a beautiful girl.

A clock and a couple of champagne glasses. Spending the New Year with the foreign woman you love is spending it the right way.

Be more active

Okay, so if your partner is a little younger than you are, chances are that she’s more active and has a lot more energy and you may find yourself struggling to keep up with her because your breath is getting ragged or your bones are starting to ache.

She may even find herself getting a little frustrated at your lack of stamina when she’s full of energy. But there’s a good way to increase how much energy you have.

A good way to build more energy is to be more active, to exercise more. Also, a lot of people use the New Year as an opportunity to tell themselves that they’ve got a fresh start and that they’re going to use that fresh start to live healthier, more active lifestyles.

Communicate more

A cornerstone of any healthy relationship is communication. Now, there are a lot of men out there whose communication skills are composed almost entirely of grunts and monosyllabic, one-word answers. Don’t be one of those guys. As mentioned above, people take the New Year as a chance to make their bodies healthier, but it can also be used as an opportunity to make a relationship healthier.

This isn’t just for romantic relationships, either. An increase in communication can be beneficial for platonic, familial, and professional relationships. But it’s also very helpful for romantic relationships.

Be better with money

Since you’re dating someone who’s foreign, you’ve probably dropped quite a few dimes on your relationship. Beyond the normal things like dates and presents, you’ve also had to spend quite a bit of money on meeting her, plane tickets, paperwork, and maybe even translation services.

Basically, the relationship, while worth it, hasn’t come cheap. Now, being better with money is a very common resolution and one that can be great for your relationship because money is one of the things that couples fight about the most. But if you and your partner strive to have a better grasp of your finances, then you could avoid or minimize arguments that are about it.

Two hands each holding a sparkler. Toast to a healthy you and to a healthy relationship.

Learn a new skill

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? A skill you’ve always wanted to have? Like have you always wanted to juggle or play the guitar?

Or is there some niche hobby that you’ve been interested in trying but haven’t gotten around to? Like birdwatching or painting model figurines?

Guess what, it’s a new year and a new year can mean a new you. That skill you’ve always wanted? Go ahead and find a class. That hobby you’ve been interested in? Go ahead and get started.

This is great for couples in two ways; learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby frees up time for your partner to be alone and while she may love you, people do need their alone time. Or it can be something the two of you do together and use as a bonding experience.

Also, because of the nature of your relationship, going to a class to learn a skill or joining a group to participate in a hobby can help you or your partner acclimate to the new surroundings.

Look, New Year’s resolutions aren’t all that resolute. Most people fail them within the first few weeks, if not days, of the New Year.

The guy who says he wants to drink less on the 31st of December is back at the bar on the 3rd of January. The woman who says she wants to hit the gym more is instead hitting snooze on her alarm.

No one expects you to actually keep those resolutions. But you are expected to make them because that’s tradition.

But the point isn’t always to succeed at these resolutions. Sure, it’d be great to get in shape, get better with money and all that jazz. No one in their right mind would say otherwise.

But, much like in life, success isn’t always the endgame. The endgame is simply to try. Because that’s all anyone can do. The only thing that’s guaranteed with a New Year is the opportunity to become a better person and a better partner.