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The Language of Online Dating: Internet Dating Slang

A couple embracing each other. Thinking of online dating? Before you do, learn some of these online dating terms!

She got into your DMs. Things went well, and you’re now in a situationship. Because your feelings are telling you so, you want things to get serious.

You find out later that she doesn’t feel the same way. She’s been stashing you and keeping you in the dark.

Your world comes crashing down as you discover she had someone all along and was just hitting it with you because things between them were rocky.

Unexpectedly, she neglected you and disappeared. That was the end of it. No clarifications or closures. She ghosted you. Was the problem with you? Did she find you lacking?

You’re moving forward, and you’re doing well. And just as you think it’s all done, she comes at you suddenly like a truck speeding along a highway.

She’s now getting around you and is lingering in your orbit. Does she want to try it again one more time with you?

Sometimes, it just feels like the online world is some parallel universe we know nothing of.

Some online dating terms are often overlooked, especially if you don’t pay much attention to the modern lingo.

Ready yourself before entering online dating by learning about these modern dating terms:


Ghosts have the ability to appear all of a sudden and disappear right away that you won’t even notice. You see, people can do this, too.

Being ghosted is one of the worst things that can happen to you in the modern dating world. It all begins when a potential partner expresses interest in you by taking you out or making the effort to communicate and get familiar with you.

Come a time when you think you’re meant for each other. Rainbows and sunny days wake you in the morning, but all these turned to dark clouds when she disappeared unexpectedly.

Ghosting works that way. Sadly, this causes emotional scars and unwanted questions to a person.

Help yourself out, and keep an eye out for signs that she may be dumping you. At the same time, don’t intend to do this to anyone.

“I treated her like she’s the best I’ve ever had, and all she did was ghost me. How painful that was to me.”


An image showing a smartphone screen. Understand what her text messages mean by learning common online dating slang.

Modern dating rules imply that you should learn to protect yourself. Since it’s a whole lot easier to play someone online, it’s always better to maintain caution all the time.

Flirting with someone while you’re in a relationship but with no plans of making it official nor leaving the other behind is cushioning.

If you want to use a seat for later, you cushion it. Similarly, you spend time with a potential partner in case when your current relationship might fall apart.

If you want to use a seat for later, you cushion it. Similarly, you spend time with a potential partner in case your current relationship might fall apart.

“You still might fix things with her. Don’t ever settle for something temporary because you’re cushioning.”

DM slide

It’s the 21st century. DM no longer stands for Doc Martens. It isn’t a dry martini either.

DM is a direct message. When you contact a potential partner through a dating app, you slide into her DMs. You do this to get her attention and possibly start a relationship.

If you want it to be easier for her to notice you, sending her a DM can be helpful. Because of this, she can clearly tell how you’re interested in her.

It would be easier for you to ask her out on a date as you get to know each other through direct messaging. Not just this, but your chances of making her say yes gradually increases.

“I really want to ask her out. Perhaps it’s better to slide into her DMs first.”


Is there anything you think could be worse than ghosting?

Clearly, that would be orbiting. If you think being ghosted is bad enough, staying in someone’s orbit is twice as much.

It’s closely similar to ghosting, but it’s harsher than the former. After a woman has ghosted you, you’d most likely think you won’t be talking with her again. But when she orbits you, she continues to watch your posts and might even react to them.

To better put it in words, orbiting is stalking someone you ghosted. How could this be?

She might have regretted ghosting you in the first place. But because of what she did, it’s hard for her to approach you again. Instead, she stays in your orbit in hopes to find love with you.

“It was insensitive of her to ghost me. Does she really have to stay within my orbit after what she did?”


Not everyone who signs up for dating sites is ready to commit. The truth is, there are a few who join only for fun. It’s not the kind of fun where balloons and music fill the room, but it’s the kind of fun only a few want to talk about.

A couple embracing each other. Knowledge is power, so prepare yourself before you date online.

People who find themselves in a situationship settle for the physical level of a relationship. They might be together, but not exactly ‘together’ together.

Oftentimes, people involved in this kind of relationship want nothing more from a partner.

“I don’t have to tell you everything. We’re only in a situationship. We’re nothing official.”


If you truly love a partner, you have no reason to keep your relationship a secret. You always have the liberty to keep it private, though. But not letting others know is just suspicious.

Sharing about your relationship with the people close to you can help define the relationship. It speaks volumes about how you cherish being with her.

But if a woman refuses to do so, she could be stashing. She might have feelings for you and might even be invested, but even so, there’s still a part of her that’s unsure.

“I think you’re stashing me. I noticed how you don’t talk about us with others.”

Meeting, Dating, and Loving Online

The sudden rise and popularity of mobile dating apps have caused a whirlwind of emotions for many.

Mirroring the modernization of the world we live in has made us widen our horizons in looking for a partner. But even so, sincerely loving someone is different.

Learning these most common online dating terms helps you fight battle-ready. Your journey doesn’t have to be destructive, nor does it have to cause others pain.