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The Social Dynamics of Foreign Dating Apps

A woman using a laptop Online dating sites help facilitate long distance relationships between western men and foreign women.

It seems as if dating is a lot more complicated now than it used to be. Back in the day, many older folk recall an era wherein dating was as simple and organic as bumping into new people at a function, or interacting with people who you went to school with. You’d go out of your way to win that person’s heart, through flirting and courtship and whatnot. When that person didn’t reciprocate your feelings (or things just didn’t work out), you simply moved on to the next person.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Many of us have had older family members encourage us to date around - to play the game of collect and select. Ideas towards casual dating may have varied back in the day - some traditional and some progressive. It’s no secret that many of our elders were just as open and chill as we are. However, a quick glance at modern dating may make one realize that things aren’t as simple as they used to be, particularly among the newer generation.

Ultimately though, simplicity is a subjective matter, particularly in a world that never ceases to change. It’s quite possible that things only seemed simpler since the circumstances of the situation allowed it to be so. In all fields, social dynamics and mindsets continue to shift and evolve, shaping the landscape of societal infrastructure and collective mindsets.

As the evolution of technology continues to persist, so does the onset of change - and despite this, many things continue to remain the same at a basic, fundamental level.

The game of dating continues, as it always will. The only thing changing is the way we do it, and the platforms which allow it to persist with convenience and efficiency - continuing the cycle of biological reproduction and the mating rituals of the human species.

Modern times have shown us that people of all ages continue to date and interact in a traditional way. That is something that continually resists change. People will continue to live their lives interacting among others at work and school, proceeding through the cycle of life wherein they meet a special somebody along the way.

A significant game changer in this equation, however, is the access and convenience of the modern dating app - which enables the accessibility of instant gratification and casual encounters. Quick flings have become a recurring motif in the social lives of many young adults.

It’s assumed by many that this construct gives rise to promiscuity - but the same argument can be made for, let’s say, a generation before us that may have had access to this easy dating. Surely they’d be just as promiscuous if they had the same privilege.

A wider scope of varying mindsets and preferences in modern times gives rise to normalization and a decrease in negative stigma towards things that were once considered ‘taboo” not too long ago.

We’re all aware that the early nineteen-sixties up until the eighties saw a niche-trend in open dating (particularly among peace-loving hippies and counterculture enthusiasts at the height of the Vietnam War), but it was happening behind closed doors. Now it’s out in the open for everyone to see, but that isn’t inherently a bad thing.

Now this leads us to the concept of online dating for middle-aged people and older.

An older man using his phone Many older men are seeking long term relationships online.

Lots of people nowadays are happy to enjoy the brief fulfillment of casual hookups and brief encounters, but let’s be real. Older folk aren’t getting any younger, and this dynamic simply isn’t appealing for their needs at the age they’re at right now. They desire something more genuine, more permanent, more secure.

Many mature people would prefer to find the long term love of their lives if they haven’t already done so. Age catches up with everyone eventually, and priorities change as the years go by. Dating options tend to get scarcer as we get older, which is why the solution may require a step beyond the tangible world and into the realm of international dating and online matchmaking.

This is where foreign dating apps come into play.

The dynamics

These services give you the option to specify and curate your dating choices in accordance with any preference of your choosing, allowing for a more optimized and personalized dating experience - all from the comfort of your own home, or on the go. This innovation allows you to seek partners with the tip of your fingers.

It’s amazing what technology is capable of nowadays.

Most of these free dating sites for serious relationships seek to cater to (mainly older Westerns) who intend to pair up with a (generally more youthful) foreign girl from Europe, Asia, or Latin America. These services provide accessible communication with actual, verified females from different areas of the planet who have their own reasons for desiring a relationship of this nature.

It didn’t take too long for companies and organizations to realize that they can target and capitalize on this demographic’s demand for a personalized dating service (usually in the form of a mobile dating app), and at the same time facilitate the pairing of men and women from any part of the world. Nowadays, some of the best dating apps for relationships are just one search away.

Foreign girls have an attraction to Western men for a variety of reasons - some being that the men from their home country may be incapable of fulfilling their needs, or that they’ve grown tired of the same options and now have a desire to experiment beyond their immediate dating pool. After all, everybody likes to try new things every now and then.

Anyone who’s paid attention to societal dating trends in the past few decades can attest to the fact that Westerns really do enjoy the company of foreign women, and this dynamic is a mutually beneficial relationship in which, usually, everyone wins.

A phone laying the shrubbery These services can help link up a foreigner with a woman from another part of the world.

It isn’t our place to decide who can and can’t date somebody - nor is it our obligation to criticize the personal preferences of people who simply seek validation or fulfillment. All we can do is analyze and dissect the observable dating quirks that these two demographics portray, and try to shed some light on the way these relationships function (as well as the way the online dating industry affects this dynamic).

One thing that we’re sure of, however, is that the innate relationship between western men and foreign women is a construct that keeps on keeping on - a relationship that not only benefits the two parties involved, but the world around them as onlookers observe the happiness they achieve.

Westerners derive fulfillment from dating foreign women, and the fact that online dating sites have augmented and enhanced the accessibility of this dynamic has worked wonders for the entire world, considering that every happy soul that benefits from even the smallest amount of fulfillment adds to the greater good of humanity as a whole.