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Things Women Say Online and What They Mean

A woman with her laptop and coffee. Sometimes, it's hard to interpret the things women say online and what they mean.

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What is it that they all have in common? They’re all difficult to understand. They require complex analysis.

In some ways, the things women say online can be hard to decipher. They’re not the most direct. Here’s a quick test. What does it mean when a woman says yes?

  1. Exactly, yes.

  2. Yes… maybe.

  3. No.

  4. Everything stated.

It can mean a lot. Getting what she said and understanding what she really means are two different things. Sadly, many people are bad at this.

This time, know what a woman says and what she really means:

Why did you sign up for a dating site?

A man can join a dating site for a variety of reasons. It could be for love, enjoyment, or a rebound match. These are some of the things women want to know about you.

When you’re asked this question, she’s only curious as to why you joined the platform in the first place. At the same time, be truthful in your answer.

If you want to keep it going with her, don’t lie. If you’re looking for love, be serious about it. If not, simply confront her about it.

Whatever the cause, being open and honest is helpful. Consider it like saving someone from drowning. Even if it means she won’t want to date you, she’ll respect your honesty. But don’t play games with her and give her what she deserves.

It’s good you said more than just a “hi.”

Signing up for online dating sites teaches you that it’s likely many men will compete over a woman.

Any man out there will want to pursue a woman who is charming and sincere enough. So, how do you stand out in a crowd of suitors?

Don’t send her messages without careful thought. Before hitting send, make sure it’s not just a mere “hi” or “hello” you have there because it isn’t engaging enough.

When a woman tells you this, be grateful because that means you got her attention.

Don’t be one of those guys who sends out messages that can be easily copied and pasted. Would you want a woman to assume you sent it to a dozen other women?

A woman messaging someone online. It's good to be cautious about the conversation starters you use when dating foreign women.

Instead, you can say:

  1. What’s new with you today?

  2. Have you eaten your breakfast yet?

  3. Is there something important you’re working on today?

Are you living with your parents?

There can be a lot of reasons why she might ask you this. It’s entirely normal, so don’t take offense.

Look at it in a positive light. She wants to know if there’s a possibility for the two of you to be together if things go well. Women don’t want to live with their partner’s parents, and she’s beginning to consider the possibility of being with you.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Some women want to know if you’re financially dependent and stable. Many women are turned off by a man who lives with his parents. You’re considered an ideal man if you can completely sustain yourself and your needs.

When you’re speaking with her, keep in mind that:

  1. Teach yourself to understand because she doesn’t only mean one thing.

  2. Try reading outside of the box.

  3. You’re not tasked to read her thoughts, but it’s always better to think in the way she does.

What other social media accounts do you have?

This one’s a tricky question. The more you try to think about it, the more trapped you might be. Women know that most men have several accounts on dating apps and social media. They will ask you this question because they don’t want to be with the wrong guy. No one would want to be with one.

If she asks you this, she’s checking to see if you’ve told the truth about yourself. She just wants to know if there are any secrets you’ve kept from her.

Stimulate her interest by:

  1. being open and honest.

  2. not being arrogant.

Any plans for the weekend?

Don’t overthink it if she asks you this. It’s rather simple. There’s no need to make things harder. Unless you’re a difficult person yourself. A woman who asks this question may want to know two things about you. First, if you have a normal job. Second, the topics that spark your interest.

An image of a man going online. Dating sites increase your chances of finding a match. Create a good profile and communicate well with foreign women.

Take it positively when she asks this. It only means that she’s interested in knowing more about you, aside from your favorite singer or how you like your steak.

I’ll get in touch soon.

It takes time to find the right match in the dating world. It’s natural for things and people not to work. If you don’t want to waste time, you shouldn’t push things together.

Prepare yourself for something worse once she says this. It’s a subtle rejection.

Even though she’s turning you down, hurting your feelings would not be something she’d like to do. At the same time, she doesn’t want to give you false hope. After saying this, expect her to walk away from you.

When you’re rejected, do:

  1. know that you have no say in how things go.

  2. recognize the facts.

  3. get back on your feet and move forward.

Women have a tendency to be blunt. At times, they’re not. You’ll most likely hear this from a woman who’s considerate enough not to lead you on.

While they might say it in a variety of ways, the one listed is the most likely one you’ll hear.

I consider myself a conservative woman.

If you’re not serious, there’s no other way to approach this but to stay away because some women like old-school romance.

They’re one of those who think hanging out or being in an open relationship isn’t appropriate.

If you’re serious, this kind of woman is what you’re looking for. For those who aren’t, avoid hurting someone by wasting their time.

Understanding What She Means

Women are warm lovers. They have the ability to love you unconditionally and will treasure a partner deeply.

Indeed, the things women say online can mean a lot, so teach yourself to understand.

When dating online, be honest and direct with how you feel. As much as you can, mean what you say.