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Why Men Choose to Date Foreign Women Over Domestic

Grayscale photo of a couple on the road. There are many reasons men try international dating.

There are more than a few men out in the world who find themselves trying their hand at free online dating and sometimes these men succeed. Sometimes, that success manifests in ways that end up in these men dating foreign women.

Foreign marriages happen a lot. Marrying a foreigner is not something that is exactly new, at least not when viewed through the lens of history. In both World Wars, it was not unheard of for soldiers to bring women back home from wherever it was they were deployed to. It also wasn’t unheard of for nobility to marry the nobility of other countries in order to secure assets, like trade agreements and military alliances.

So there is quite a bit of precedent for people from different countries to come together in romantic unions and bind themselves together in matrimony. So it is not a completely crazy thing for a man to engage in international dating on online dating sites.

It is not something that is entirely unheard of for people to succeed at online dating. The online dating statistics will back that up. But it is somewhat notable if a man were to succeed at dating on the internet with a woman from a different country than him.

There are more than a few reasons that men date women who are not from the same country as them. Here are a few of them:

  1. A Lack of Viable Local Options

    Sometimes, a man does not intend to date a foreign woman. Sometimes, he tries to pursue women who are much closer to home. But for whatever reason, he fails at dating women who are closer to home.

    There are a lot of reasons that men can end up not succeeding with local women. Maybe the women see something in him that they find unappealing. Maybe he finds the local women to be somewhat unappealing.

    Whatever the case, a man and the women who are close to him in a geographical sense do not mesh well together. So the man has to expand his net beyond his own borders if he wants to find love.

  2. A Different Value System

    There are generally certain things that people want out of their relationships. Some people go on a dating app because they want to find a love that lasts a lifetime and others go on the very same app because they are looking for something that lasts considerably shorter than a lifetime.

    Sometimes, a guy cannot find the type of relationship that he is looking for with someone from within the local populace. So he goes abroad to find the love that he wants.

    One such example is in terms of the dynamics in a relationship. Modern women want someone who will treat them like an equal, like a full partner. The older model of a man being the head of a family and the woman being a homemaker does not lend itself well to the type of partnership that many women want out of their men.

    Which means that a man who wants to have a relationship that is based on that older model is going to have to find someone who wants the same thing. But that is becoming more and more scarce with the progress of time. But there are still pockets of the world wherein those values that seem somewhat antiquated have managed to hold on to some degree.

  3. Age Appropriate

    Most relationships have some type of age gap. After all, it is very rare for two people who share the same birthday to fall in love with one another. But those age gaps are generally pretty small.

    Around one-third of marriages between a man and a woman in the United States are in the same peer groups. In other words, if the couple were still in school, they would likely be in the same grade. A fifth of the marriages in the United States between a man and a woman have the man be around two to three years older than the woman.

    Basically, while most couples have age gaps, the age differences are pretty small, enough so that one being mistaken for the older relative of the other is a pretty rare thing and not likely to happen.

    But a lot of men prefer dating younger women, with one study showing that men find women in their early twenties to be the most attractive. The drawback there is that women in their early twenties tend to gravitate towards men within the same age group, so an older man is going to have to look at foreign women if he wants to start something.

  4. Opportunity Abounds

    The thing about international dating sites is that they often have quite a lot of users on their platform. Which can mean that a man who signs up for them can find himself full of opportunities to find a partner.

    Sometimes, that partner just happens to be from a different county and whatever algorithm the site uses thought that the two might be good together.

  5. It Just Happens Sometimes

    There are times when a man does not intend to date a foreign woman. There are times when he just wants to do his thing but then life decides that it has other plans for him. Times like that generally happen once in a while.

    Sometimes a man meets a woman, hits it off with her, and she just happens to be from a different country. No one planned on falling, but they did and that is kind of that.

    When it comes to dating, people generally have preferences. Many women prefer men who are six feet tall or more and many men prefer women of a certain hair color. Sometimes, these preferences can be a bit more geographical in nature.

    Some men want to be with a woman from a different country or culture. Maybe they share the same values or something. Whatever the case, these preferences sometimes drive men into the arms of foreign women