Foreign Love Mates Video

Man Takes Charge To Meet His Special Latina

Very often, men try to guaranty a match through international dating after they feel that they have fully thought through all the pros and cons of coming all the way to another country to find a foreign love mate that he can trust to build a family with.

However, this was not the case for Sam, who knew exactly what he wanted out of being on the singles tour.

Sam married and moved to Medellin Colombia with his then Peruvian wife whom he met back when he tried to ace live dating on a singles tour in Peru more than 10 years ago. When things didn't work out, he immediately jumped on the opportunity to meet wonderful marriage material Latinas as soon as he could, where he knew they would be -- with us, on the singles tours.

Being a resident of Medellin Colombia for almost a decade, he knew a Colombian woman would be the best kind of woman to get with as he already knows much about the Latin culture and what Latinas are like as lovers. Above their traditional values, these Latina women are trustworthy and loyal partners.

Listen and be a part of Sam’s journey to making connections of his dreams now finding Ana, the love of his life; and maybe his story will get you closer to finding that special Latina fated just for you!

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