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Should I Stay or Go? Dating Filipina in the Philippines

A Filipina deeply rooted in Filipino dating culture prefers marriage over a random hookup. If you’re a foreign bachelor dating beyond borders and looking to settle down with a marriage-minded woman, solo travel through the Philippines with the guidance of dedicated Filipino matchmakers can help you find the Filipina pea to your pod. Matchmaking agencies in Manila, Cebu, and Davao organize exclusive speed dating events to introduce Pinays interested in interracial marriage to visiting foreign men.

It’s easy to fall in love with single alluring Filipina girls and once you find a potential lifelong match, ask yourself, “Can I bring Filipinas back to my home country or after a few weeks or should I stay in the Philippines for a while?” Generally, Filipina women are supportive and flexible –they don’t mind if you decide to stay– but are also open to relocating to a different country for various reasons.

On one hand, there are plenty of factors you need to consider like processing a K1 visa and other documents if you decide to bring your Filipina back home. On the other hand, staying in the Philippines to spend time with your Pinay fiancee can open other opportunities to strengthen connection and bond, as well as know if your relationship goals align with each other. Whether you want to go back home or dwell longer in the Philippines, if a Filipina sees you as a fit match, she will choose to stay with you regardless of your decision.

While dating in the Philippines doesn’t guaranty a match, a Filipina is worth the trip. Typical Filipino women are a stark contrast to their Western counterparts — conservative and reserved much like the Filipino dating culture.