Foreign Love Mates Video

Are Filipinas Worth The Trip? Dating in the Philippines

Why do more American men flee to the Philippines and marry Filipina women? Find out in this video.

The Philippines has been continuously making a name on the international stage for decades,, from flaunting attractive Filipino women in beauty pageants to boasting about the beautiful tourism of the country.

With that, there has been an increased number of foreigners in the Philippines who want to get a piece of the Filipino experience.

The islands of the Philippines are plentiful in natural resources and equally beautiful Filipinas. The culture of the country has drawn tourists from all over the world.

As a result, it has opened a door of opportunity for love to blossom between Filipino women and foreigners.

A lot of successful marriages with Filipinas have started by escaping to the Philippines through singles tours. These tours do not just let the guests enjoy the company of each other by introducing foreign men to Filipino ladies, but also gives the chance for foreigners to immerse in the Filipino culture and get the most of the Filipino experience.