Foreign Love Mates Video


In the modern dating scene, there shines a group of Asian women winning over the hearts of passport bros. Few can resist the charm of Filipina women, which inspires a tribe of men towards Philippines travel to show Pinays a better bachelor.

Foreign men who solo travel around Asia should not miss visiting the pearl of the orient seas, the Philippines. Besides being home to a marvel of natural attractions from white sand beaches to breathtaking summits, the island country also boasts a bevy of stunning Filipinas. Foreign bachelors seeking love beyond borders for a tradwife or whatever kind of Filipina wife they desire have a higher chance to guaranty a match in any major Filipino city or village.

Angud, a bachelor from Canada, flew some 7000 miles to Cebu City in hopes of fulfilling his dream of romantic connections. Like the many men before him who took the same plunge, he too fell in love with the beautiful country and its equally alluring Pinays. Angud particularly recalls two fun nights of meeting 120+ marriage-minded Filipinas and aptly sums up the whole experience as life-changing.

Who can fault Angud for joining a tribe of men crossing oceans to search for the Filipina pea to his pod? Filipinas stand out with their natural beauty, captivating personalities and seriousness in settling down with the right partner. Whether you’re testing out your daygame skills on the streets of Davao City or just chilling by the beach in Bohol, chances of you encountering a Pinay seriously looking for love are never zero.

While Filipina women might appear shy on first dates, once you ace live conversations that maintain your momentum, scoring yourself a second date and more can be expected. You might already be paving the road to a fulfilling marriage with your future Filipina bride.