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Gifts Foreign Women LOVE to Receive

A photo of a foreign woman holding a bouquet of flowers Giving flowers never fails to impress foreign women.

Nothing says you’re in love like a well thought-out gift. The art of gift-giving is so essential for a happy and interesting relationship that it’s deserving of the great effort it requires. When it comes to international relationships, however, giving gifts to foreign women often says more than words can.

Undoubtedly, giving gifts is probably one of the most difficult things ever put to task by the male species. It begs to answer the unanswerable - “What on earth do I give her?” Ironically, the constant and perpetual bombardment of product advertisers never seems to make solving this riddle any easier.

If you’ve ever lamented this great difficulty to a close friend or confidant, you’ve most probably heard this cliché a few times - “It’s the thought that counts.” And yet these words never seem to provide any relief, because the “thought” just isn’t enough.

Perhaps what truly makes the task of gift-giving so hard isn’t the act itself, but rather that we tend to complicate matters. In other words, our tendency to overthink turns what should be a relatively straightforward job into a life and death situation. We are constantly looking for unique gifts, never wanting to be seen as ordinary and unoriginal.

Further complicating the matter for those finding a foreign girlfriend are the cultural intricacies of gift-giving. So what should we do about it?

When things become too complicated in our brains and we ultimately succumb to analysis paralysis, do as high-performing individuals do - stick to the basics.

Always Consider Giving Flowers

There is probably no older or more proven gift-giving tradition than giving flowers. If a girl says she doesn’t like receiving flowers, she is either lying or has a severe allergy. Flowers are nature’s premier symbol of beauty. Want to say, “Your beauty never fails to mesmerize me. Your hair flows like the fresh breeze in Spring and your eyes sparkle like diamonds,” without saying a single word? A bouquet of 12 roses will do it for you.

In international dating, giving flowers is a universal romantic gesture. Foreign girls love flowers, especially if they are from Latin America or Eastern Europe. To them, receiving flowers makes them feel like young princesses dreaming of their prince charming. So exactly what kind of flowers should you give? Should you get imported tulips from Holland? Should you get a rose in each color? There are so many options it can get confusing.

The answer is that any number of flowers in an arrangement will do. The key is that the flowers have to be fresh and vibrant, not wilting. The great thing about this is that women don’t tire of receiving flowers. If it’s gifts for girls for any occasion, flowers are your best bet.

What Do Foreign Women Think Of Jewelry?

Jewelry is another of those presents that works well with any occasion. The catch is that jewelry is often given as a sign of lasting commitment. Depending on where you are in your relationship, this is a gift you want to give with great thought. A gold bracelet, a pearl necklace, or a pair of diamond earrings are reserved for only the most serious of relationships. It’s definitely not something you’d be handing out on a first date.

The thing with jewelry is that it is both a common and uncommon gift to give women. It is common in the sense that the great majority of jewelers cater to women, so it would make sense that they would enjoy receiving them. The dilemma here is the implied meaning of jewelry. With so many variations, each with their own attached meaning, jewelry can be complicated and costly for men to give. Unless you are truly serious about your relationship and want to make a strong statement of love to your partner, you may be better off putting this on the back shelf.

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Other Goodies

Want to flirt without being too obvious? A hint of dating advice: drop her a cafe latté every other afternoon at work. Perhaps surprise her with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on a chilly Tuesday evening. The saying is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Did they forget that women like to eat too?

While these might not be considered “gifts” in the traditional sense, giving your woman the occasional treat is a way of saying, “I care about you and I hope this makes your day just a little bit better.”

Coffee, chocolates, and cake slices have become currency for many a happy relationship. When in doubt, a trip to the nearest Starbucks may do the trick.

Foreign Women Love Surprises

Sometimes the real gift is the surprise itself. Foreign women love having their minds read by their boyfriends. It's virtually impossible, but something they like regardless. So what do you do when you’re as clueless as a polar bear in the Sahara Desert? Research.

Listen out for context clues in her speech. When she says, “Oh I love this,” or, “I need that,” that’s probably her way of saying, “Buy me this or no hugs for a year!” Another way is to ask those who are close to her. If it’s lingerie you plan on buying, you need the opinion of her sister or best friend. While it’s certainly brave of you, going into a lingerie shop alone and unprepared is akin to entering bear territory in a meatsuit.

Gifts can also come in the form of coupons and tickets. If she has been dying to see her favorite musician in concert, won’t it make her day to open a letter and see two tickets for said concert?

The good news for those into online dating or in long distance relationships is that you don’t need to be on the best dating sites to purchase and deliver gifts to your other half. With so many options online, there is virtually nothing you can’t get as a gift. With that, there is now no excuse for men not to get presents for the women they’re dating. As long as you’re on the internet and have a functioning credit card, you can get a foreign woman a gift from half the globe away.

Every Gift Must Have Its Meaning

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend or how extravagant your gift is, its weight with regards to the relationship depends on timing and meaning. Make sure that your gifts scream, “I love you and I care for you,” rather than, “I want and need you to love me.”

Gifts, when given in a timely and meaningful way, can be a great tool in your quest to raise the level of your romance. When dating foreign women, it is your great ally. Always remember that when in doubt, stick to the basics - flowers, treats, and a piece of jewelry for momentous occasions.