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NEVER FALL FOR International Dating Scams

A photo of a woman tipping down her glasses with boxes and lights behind her Learn how to spot international dating scams before they can ever happen.

It’s unfortunate to point out how international dating scams seem to go with the trend these days, or to be specific, it’s slowly becoming part of the dating trend when it comes to having online relationships.

A research cites the steady rise of dating websites and a significant increase in their user base, now encompassing almost all age demographics.

Can you even remember a time when people didn’t have access to online applications or free dating sites where they could meet new friends and acquaintances?

What’s even more remarkable is the changing view around this method of finding single women to fall in love with.

Before, you could expect raised brows and judgemental looks from people who didn’t think that attraction was ever possible in an impersonal setup. But fast forward to the new decade, it seems that all we are ever talking about or interested in is how looking for love online is easier and even more fun and exciting than the traditional way.

One of the major facts about online dating is that it has developed a strong pull towards men all over the globe. And in a perfect world situation, you would soon look forward to experiencing a happily-ever-after once you find an ideal match online, simple as that.

But that isn’t always the case.

As we have previously mentioned, international dating scams seem to populate many of the dating sites found on the web. As much as these companies try to weed out these fraudulent users, there are some that do good enough work to pass through the website’s safety nets.

This should not discourage you from pursuing a potential partner. Remember that there are steps you can take to avoid falling for international dating scams. It will take effort, but they are set in place for your own safety and happiness.

If you are ready to fight for love and avoid falling for international dating scams, then take note of the following tips:

Know which dating sites are reliable.

This is undeniably one of the most important safeguards against meeting insincere people online.

Give yourself some time to look around for reviews of certain dating websites and applications. Read about other people’s experiences. Maybe you can even ask your trusted friends about the best one in the market.

This is your money, time, and effort invested, so you might as well be smart about it, right?

As mentioned, there are ways for these dating sites to filter their love searches. They will do a fair amount of background checks, lest they put their credibility on the line.

Once you’ve picked a website or app that makes you feel secured, then here’s what you should do next.

Try to see if her story checks out.

By now, you have taken your shot — that is making an honest and attractive profile. It worked just fine, with you ending up finding a suitable match.

Congratulations to you on that, and we hope you won’t be blinded by everything you see or hear from here on out.

Remember the old saying about not trusting everything you find on the internet? It’s even more useful this time because scammers will do everything they can to obtain your sympathy, thanks to their perfect schemes.

If you are matched with a woman online, try running her name on Google first and see how many profiles pop up. Are they all the same and do they match with the things she has said to you? Are her posts genuine-looking or are they too vague?

Scammers will obviously only put impersonal information online in fear that someone will contact them and in turn, get exposed.

If your gut tells you she is sketchy, then it’s best to believe it or be sorry in the end.

Check if her photos belong to someone else.

For this, you’ll have to go back to Google and use reverse image search.

Because scammers tend to run on false stories and fake identities, they will use profile pictures that aren’t theirs. These are unfortunately grabbed from someone else’s account.

Pull up those photos you believe are questionable and drag them to Google Images, or even other reverse image search engines. Do they consistently look like they’re from the account of the woman you’re communicating with online?

If this step does not come up with useful results, determine if the photos are enhanced. There will be inconsistencies when you look at them carefully. Also, take into consideration that real people wouldn’t have only a few photos uploaded if they are all for getting to know others, right?

If she truly wants to create a connection with you, she shouldn’t hesitate to share her real, public social media with you as soon as you both start getting to know each other.

A photo of two women observing something on a laptop international dating scams can be avoided.

Take it slow and talk it out.

While being in an online relationship may seem like everything should happen fast, you should not skip the part where you need to know more about your potential partner. A genuine relationship depends on the foundation.

Be curious about her life. Ask the right questions, ones that will tell you more about her. Be honest about your answers if she throws the same queries — but not too much that can be detrimental.

The most obvious move scammers make is asking their partners — in this case, you — to commit to what you have now as soon as possible. They’re trying to get a quick yes from you for quick cash.

Then they just vanish, or are far too afraid to meet up with you in person.

Meeting face to face.

If you are pursuing a relationship that is for keeps, then no one should be surprised by this development. It is a huge step forward, so the stress is understandable, but it is also a reassurance that you were actually conversing with the person you expect them to be.

If you find that she always has a reason to not be with you, like cancelling at the last minute or coming up with an extreme excuse to hold out, then you should start questioning the relationship you think you have with her.

Scammers are scared to come out from behind their screens and have their lies exposed.

It’s not like you are asking to cohabit with them, but they are cautious about even going out for a single dinner with you. Sketchy people will always show sketchy behavior.

Fall for the Right One

Online dating is a new world and experience for some, but that doesn’t mean it should be dangerous for you. Simply learn how you can steer clear of international dating scams with the help of the aforementioned tips, and you can look forward to making your experience a worthwhile one.

Trust that finding love online is possible. Don’t miss the opportunity to start connecting with your future potential partner as you remain aware of the precautionary steps you should take when finding that partner online.