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Older Men Dating Younger Women: Does Age Matter?

Age gap always pops up when dating women from other countries; it’s a popular stereotype. It’s always a matter of discussion, but does age matter in a relationship?

It’s unconventional if it happens, true, but age doesn't matter, not really. Not to everyone, at least. Older men dating younger foreign women aren't out there to rob a cradle after all: they're just looking for love. Love sometimes just happens to be younger than one would originally anticipate.

It's not always that older men are dating younger women and this may come as a big surprise, it's younger women dating older men by their own preference. For some women, dating older is a preference that many fail to understand.

Most younger foreign women want stability and they find dating older men provides the highest prospects of a man who has established themselves. In dating an older man: younger women find men with experience and men with wisdom.