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Understanding Indicators of Interest from Foreign Women

A photo of a man holding a woman’s face as she leans against him Find out how you can easily tell if foreign women are into you.

Even with the trend of dating foreign women on the rise today, there are still many unanswered questions and common concerns men have on their minds.

One of these concerns is pinpointing the indicators of interest from these ladies.

How can men know if foreign women like them back? Are the signs revealed through deep body language reading, and are these things always shown on the outside?

How about words; are they perfect signals to know if a certain lady is attracted to you? Or are you supposed to wait it all out until the final verdict — as in hearing the words yes or no — is given to indicate that she is in fact interested in you?

If you fear finding yourself in this exact situation and are looking for clear-cut answers, you have come to the right page. In this list, we will discuss what signs to watch out for to know if foreign ladies have indeed taken a liking to you.

These include the way they touch you, the way they move, and the way they speak to you — basically the things you need to know if you’re anywhere near in finding yourself the perfect match.

You will only need to be sharp in looking out for these signs so you can easily come up with a plan on what steps to take next.

1. She asks for your opinion on personal things.

On a date, it's perfectly normal to ask questions, as well as encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions no matter how controversial they may be.

Can you safely conclude that the foreign girl you’re with is interested in you when she does this? Not really. She could only be doing this out of being polite or for the sake of keeping the ball rolling.

This, however, changes once she makes it personal — as in putting you in a unique position to make an honest comment about something that is directly happening in her life. May it be an opinion about her work, hobbies, or the more intimate things, it would only mean she values what you have to say.

This is when you’ll know she considers you special and trustworthy enough to affect, even in the tiniest bit, how her future unfolds.

Conversations that lead to a situation like this are usually done by those who have managed to build rapport before officially going out on a date. If she shyly points out that she might need your perspective on a special matter, you best believe she likes you more than a friend.

2. She is comfortable going out on spontaneous dates with you.

As all men know, there is a rulebook for dating, and it is mostly stated that a romantic adventure must have a well laid out plan for it to be successful.

Preparations should be taken care of with regards to what will happen before, during, and after a date, not to mention any possible fallbacks that may occur.

Men would have to engage in conversation with the woman they’re interested in before they get to ask her out on a date. Putting in the right amount of effort will only help you have good results, and possibly, a great relationship.

However, if a foreign lady skips these steps and pitches a spontaneous date out of the blue, it's definitely a good sign.

Her being enthusiastic about going on an unplanned adventure with you means that she doesn’t consider you a stranger and has particularly grown fond of you.

Exciting situations like this can be masked in enthusiastic conversations, so be quick to pick up on any signs that show she would gladly take you up on an exciting adventure.

3. She initiates or reciprocates physical touches.

Kisses, hugs, and holding hands are just some of the usual things that occur during a date, but they don’t always mean that you’re special because these things can also be done as a form of greeting or friendliness.

Most of the time, men will initiate these gestures to be polite, and the ladies will receive them gladly albeit passively.

However, if your foreign date tends to be more than eager to reciprocate these actions, it’s a sure sign that she’s into you. She may want to hold your hand while you’re having an evening stroll or give you a hug with more affection than usual.

It’s also possible that she will want to take the lead when she senses that you’re holding back in fear of making her feel uncomfortable.

Women always appreciate guys who understand and respect boundaries, especially on an event like a date where it is considered usual to have physical contact to some extent.

If she goes for physical intimacy, it can only mean that she is fine with you being in her space.

Remember that women who genuinely like you are bound to do this.

4. She shows you off to her family and friends.

If she is happy and proud of you, she will make it a point to introduce you to the people who are closest to her. You can safely say that she is claiming you as someone she values in her life, and takes delight in announcing to others that you two are serious about each other.

This is not simply about playing a good host. For a foreign woman, introducing you to the most important people in her life is a major step that indicates she genuinely wants to go steady with you.

Be sure to welcome this development, even if you’re still at the dating stage, and learn to play your cards right.

Getting Foreign Women to Like You

There are a lot of foreign women looking for love these days, and they’re simply waiting for the right man who can pique their interest. They wouldn't want to waste their time playing around and taking advantage of single men who are also looking to find themselves a foreign girlfriend.

If they like you, they will show it. It’s just a matter of how you perceive their words and actions to know for sure. Don’t force them to laugh at all your jokes or engage in activities they’re not completely comfortable with. Be yourself, be genuine, and be polite.

If you do your part, all there’s left to do is find out if the girl you like feels the same way. So before you go and meet foreign women, just make sure you know what to look out for and you can be confident in knowing what to do next.